Working Towards Zero Waste

By De Bortoli Wines |

Sustainability is a shared passion between the De Bortoli family and Lindsay Gullifer, the Health Safety and Environment Manager of
De Bortoli Wines, who has been an integral part of the company’s sustainability agenda for 15 years.

The ultimate goal is to be a ‘Zero Waste Wine Company’, which De Bortoli Wines is working towards through wise water management, energy efficiency and improved waste management... which is a win for both the winery and wine drinkers!

Since joining the De Bortoli Wines team, Lindsay has worked on a number of projects to help the winery achieve sustainability goals. One such project was working towards being awarded NSW’s first Sustainability Advantage Platinum Project certificate, for outstanding environmental leadership and commitment to innovation. We are the only business in NSW to have received this award, which will be officially presented to us by the NSW Environment Minister, Gabrielle Upton, in Sydney on Tuesday 13 June.

This certificate recognises ‘The De Bortoli Method’, a unique potassium recovery system designed to lower the environmental impact of potassium build-up in soil.

“Potassium recovery is of value because it is a means of creating a closed loop system to produce the chemicals required to clean our tanks and machinery,” Lindsay explains, “meaning we can lower our consumption of harmful cleaning agents.”

“Working with a dedicated team to achieve recognition at this level has made me very proud. We’re really making progress to leave a legacy for the next generation."

Lindsay looks forward to future projects in creating a more sustainable future, including continuing potassium recovery, the possibility of establishing a community energy program and working towards organic vineyards, starting with 10-15% of our Riverina vineyards in the next five years.


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