By Leanne De Bortoli |

People are often surprised when they hear that De Bortoli Wines is still very much a family business. Yes, we are a larger company nowadays but we still hold true to the same ideals from when the company was founded nearly 90 years ago.

De Bortoli was started by my grandfather Vittorio De Bortoli in 1928, only a few years after he migrated to Australia from Northern Italy. From there the small family winery passed down to my father, Deen and is now in the hands of the third generation including my brothers Darren, Kevin, Victor and myself.

With this passing of the baton, we have felt that it is time to refresh our brand identity. That doesn't mean change for the sake of it but rather change that pays tribute to the generations before us whilst planting our feet firmly in the 21st Century.

What does that mean for us?

Being honest and true to ourselves, being proud of who we are, making wine that people enjoy drinking, making wine that we enjoy drinking. Showing respect for the way we farm our land to set the foundations for the future generations.

My grandfathers dream was to make wine a part of everyday life, accessible and enjoyable to a wide cross-section of people. This is the mantra we still carry today. Wine is a part of our modern culture and is often the catalyst to a pleasant time shared with friends and family. It can bring joy, interest or just a lovely addition to any meal.

With the change in brand identity, we thought it opportune to change our website too. We have so much information we want to share it can be overwhelming to navigate at times.

But like a well-dressed pizza, less is more and we feel we have reached the right balance to show who we are; the many people behind the company, the stories across the brands and the personalities behind the wines.

I am personally excited for these changes, as is my mother Emeri, my brothers and the rest of our family. We are still the same people, still pushing the envelope to make interesting and charming wines that we hope you'll be proud to bring to your table.

Just as Vittorio would have wanted.


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