Try something different, venture ‘Down The Lane’


Love a bit of ‘laneway action’ wherever we travel. Melbourne’s laneway culture started a revolution around lots of Australia’s capital and regional cities - hidden bars, colourful street art, old and new, cool energy, giddy-up.

We have been toying with lots of new varieties at our Riverina, King Valley and Yarra Valley properties for a few years and it seemed timely to do a bit of blending with known and lesser known varieties and wine styles. Three new wines in our new Down The Lane range try to capture this feel and soul.

“Down The Lane is a terrific opportunity to explore varieties that may be better suited to our particular climates and blending for interest and flavour rather the traditional single variety approach” says De Bortoli Senior Winemaker John Coughlan.

Deviate a little, get ‘Down The Lane’ and try these three ‘very new’ cheeky vinos!

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