Old Masters: Australia's Great Bark Artists - A Cultural Partnership Between Australia and China

Love the beauty of Australian art? We sure do… that’s why we are proud supporting sponsors of The Old Masters: Australia’s Great Bark Artists exhibition which recently opened in Beijing at the National Museum of China.

This is the first time that Australian bark paintings have been exhibited internationally. The National Museum of China, in partnership with the National Museum of Australia currently holds the largest collection of bark paintings including 123 bark paintings, 18 carvings, 10 painting tools and 3 log coffins. Painters from east, west and central Arnhem land are featured like Yirawala and Narritjin Maymuru. This pioneering exhibition is particularly exciting because it coincided with the announcement that Guo Degang, Chinese nationally acclaimed performer and advocate for Chinese culture, is the official ambassador in China for the National Museum of Australia.

We are honoured to be a supporting sponsor of The Old Masters: Australia’s Great Bark Artists. Making Australian wines for 90 years we value sharing our rich heritage with the globe and are excited to help bring one of the oldest living cultures and artforms to the world. The exhibit will spend 20 months touring through China, starting in Beijing and visiting Shanghai, Changsha, Chengdu, Foshan and Shenzhen. It is the beginning of a cultural partnership that will see the history of two cultures shared.

In 2019 the National Museum of China will be sending the exhibition Calligraphy and Painting: Three Modern Chinese Artists to Australia as part of the program of cultural exchange.


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