La Bohème Cuvée Blanc NV - Premium Yarra Valley sparkling wine.


A few years ago I took my daughters to La Bohème and Kate suggested that we should do a La Bohème sparkler as a prelude to the show. Well after three years, here it is and hopefully it will go down a treat pre-theatre.

The wine is fun but from a winemaking view is pretty serious. Blended in batches or cuvées using vintage and reserve wines, this small batch blending gives terrific consistency to each bottling and enables the introduction of fresher wine over time for ultimate drinkabilty and complexity.

The wines are mainly blends of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir; Chardonnay gives the lovely breadiness whilst Pinot contributes toasty biscuit characteristics. Dosage (sweetening) is determined on each batch by balance and palate weight but is normally about 7-9g/L which is considered ‘Brut’ in the French dryness scale.

In future cuvées, we intend to include small amounts of Pinot Meunier for additional complexity.

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