Harpers Design Awards 2020

The Harpers Design awards is a competition that is created to acknowledge that design is a vital element in the success of any drinks brand, and aims to recognise the best in the industry, whether established designs, recent launches, or redesigns. 

The De Bortoli MELBA Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon was awarded with a Silver medal for its recent redesign. ‘Melba’ is iconically Yarra Valley in both history and style. The elegant design of the label plays homage to renowned operatic soprano diva, Dame Nellie Melba who was classical, sassy and at times spellbinding. It also evokes the rich history that she brought to Australia, as well as the history and quality of Yarra Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.

The De Bortoli Grenache Wizardry range was awarded a Bronze medal for its new label design. The name pays homage to the magic skills of winemaking, the robust nature and versatility of the Grenache grape, as well as the transformative nature to different forms of wine. The design portrays a mysterious fictional depiction of the symbolism used by alchemists and wizards to signify what elements were used within their work, these symbols helped to keep their work carefully guarded, and used to create mystery and surprise!

The De Bortoli 17 TREES range was awarded a Bronze medal for its new label design. In 2008, De Bortoli Wines committed to planting 17 Trees for each company vehicle to offset the carbon effects of our fleet. Now in 2020, it has resulted in the launch of the 17 TREES - a brand that has a purpose. 17 Trees is a solid collaboration with our suppliers, distributors, customers and consumers to plant trees to rebuild the Australian bushland. Every 6 bottles purchased will go towards planting 1 tree. The label designs depict 17 trees and 1 car, to create an engaging story linking to the sustainability initiative in 2008. The 17 TREES range is packed in lightweight recycled glass bottles, with labels produced from natural fibre-based pulp derived from sugar cane waste, and recycled packaging materials.



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