Global demand for premium wines drives export growth for the Yarra Valley


Increasing global demand for premium wines has put Victoria’s Yarra Valley squarely on the map as one of Australia’s top 15 Geographical Indication (GI) regions - and Victoria’s only region to make the top 15 - according to Wine Australia’s September quarterly Export Report released yesterday.

Making the list for the first time in June, continued growth has seen the Yarra Valley retain its 12th ranking by value of bottled exports, recording a 38% increase to $14.6 million in the September report, and hold its spot as generating the second highest average value per litre of $12.38, up nine per cent from October 2015.

A cool climate region, the Yarra Valley is known for its European style wines, and in the reported period exported 1.2 million litres of bottled wine, up 26% on the same time last year, contributing just under half of the 2.7 million litres of wine exported from Victoria.

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