'From the Roots' with Lisa Messenger

By De Bortoli Wines |


Starting a new venture? We had a chat to Lisa Messenger, founder and CEO of Collective Hub, to get her tips on what it takes to succeed professionally, without sacrificing time to unwind and stay healthy and energised.

So, what's they key? You need to start at the roots... "Having an unwavering self-belief, failing fast and surrounding yourself with a great team" says Lisa. "Know that anything is possible if you are brave and tenacious enough to chase it".

The digital landscape is continuously changing and Lisa understands how important it is to remain relevant. "Stay abreast of all new online and offline trends and technologies but also adapt them to pave your own path. It's a dangerous game if you follow or try to replicate others."

"Just keep reinventing, pivoting and morphing... and most of all listen to what your community wants."

For Lisa, ideas come from "everywhere and anywhere". She believes it's about staying open to opportunities and putting yourself in different "places and spaces". Some examples Lisa offers here are looking outside your industry, having an unexpected conversation or even going on an adventure in your own city.

"My team is everything", Lisa says, "it's about being courageous enough to know your weaknesses and to hire to fill the gaps". She also suggests you shouldn't be "too wedded to what a team looks like" as it could include freelancers, consultants, interns or full timers, she says "diversity is key".

"Every single day I have something crazy that happens and that's the trick - being able to laugh at yourself, learn from mistakes and quickly move on. I'm forever doing ridiculous things that make no sense because I'm unafraid to try things. I fail way more than I succeed but it means I'm constantly learning and pushing myself further."

Work-life balance is imperative to a busy work schedule. 'Me-time' for Lisa is spent in nature.

"I LOVE the beach and I love big open spaces. So as much as possible I'm in them with my dog and my partner. I also love cooking at home with close friends. I meditate every day. I journal and write a lot. And I am a fanatical exerciser."

"Health is my number one, non-negotiable priority. Always," Lisa tells us. She starts the day with a green smoothie followed by fish and salad for lunch. "My body thanks me for the simple foods so whilst I love cooking I try to stay as close to organic or fresh-from-the-farm, uncomplicated produce as possible".

Want to learn more from Lisa Messenger? You're invited to lunch at Locale Restaurant at our Yarra Valley Estate with Lisa, as well as our very own Leanne De Bortoli and Chief Winemaker Steve Webber for a day of motivation, food and wine on Friday 5 May. Bookings are essential, click here to secure your spot!


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