Father's Day

By De Bortoli Wines |

"Day to day life is busy when raising children, you run after them, care for them and love them. It is good to stop and reflect on the joy and achievement of what being a father is and Father’s Day is definitely one of those days. You might even give yourself a pat on the back."

Father of four, Victor De Bortoli knows what it’s like to be woken up at 5:30am and endure countless sleepless nights. Juggling the responsibilities of raising his children with wife Melissa and his role as Executive Director for De Bortoli Wines, Victor makes sure he takes the time to enjoy the most important thing - his family.

"Being a Father of four young children keeps you busy. It's a great responsibility and you do everything for them. They become the centre of your universe. Even when you're tired you keep going, it is a joy to see them evolve into their personalities. Father's Day might be a day that you're supposed get a little of your universe back but it is also day where you admire your young family and what you have achieved.”

Victor will be spending the day with his family, but like many dads, he also hopes for a little down time this Father’s Day to enjoy a “quiet glass of wine with their mother”.

How will you be spending this Father’s Day? We’d love for you to tag your Instagram photos with #debortoliwines.


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