Cheers to Summer!

By Leanne De Bortoli |

For me, the wines for these occasions are definitely white and ​R​osé, chilled perfectly and ready for any family backyard gathering or drinks with friends.

This year my go-to style will be pale, dry, textural ​Rosé. This is the year of Rosé and there are so many cracking pale dry styles out in the market; Australian, French and a few other interesting ones in between. Name your favourite red variety and I bet there is a ​Rosé to match… an​d don​'​t forget the sparkling ones too. We have just released our Rococo ​Premium Rosé and wowee, what a stunner. Pale pink and very pretty.

For what it's worth, here is my Summer drinks list:

It's also fun to have some other slightly-left-of-centre, unpronounceable wines in the fridge:

  • Greco di Tufo from the Campania region of Italy and its sister act, Fiano are worth a try. Expect to see more of these wines being made in Australia in the next few years as their suitability to warm climate means a natural habitat in many wine regions of Australia.
  • Assyrtiko from the sun-drenched island of Santorini. A bit hard to pronounce the name (ahs-SEER-tee-koh) but worth seeking it out. Briny with citrus overtones, bone dry. Just add sunshine.
  • Vermentino (also known as Favorita). From Italy again but there are quite a few Aussie producers of this interesting wine style. ​Try our Vinoque Favorita this Summer... so refreshing. ​

We are often asked the best temp to serve wines. Very important for those warm Summer days:

  • Sparkling wine (white or ​Rosé) should be served cold at around 6 to 10 degrees. It should be nicely chilled to retain its fine bubbles. In Summer, serve it straight from the fridge and then keep it in an ice bucket filled with ice and water.
  • White wine and ​Rosé should be served cool (somewhere between 7 to 13 degrees). If it is too cold, you can lose the delicate aromas. Better to pull it out of the fridge a few minutes before serving. Again, keep it in an ice bucket but don't let it get too cold.
  • And on very warm days, don't feel too bad about slipping an ice cube into your glass to keep your wine cool. The Wine Police won’t come to lock you up. After all it is about what you enjoy, so go ahead and enjoy it any way you like.

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