It's a Rosé kind of day!

Whether you are going out for dinner, enjoying a quiet night at home or celebrating a special occasion... it's always a Rosé kind of day!

How well do you know your Rosé's? We've put together some tips to help you on your Rosé way. Want to know even more about one of Leanne De Bortoli's favourite styles of wine? Read Leanne's blog here.

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Our Rococo Premium Rosé

Our Rococo Premium Rosé is the newest addition to our range of Rosés and comes from our Yarra Valley Estate. Creamy and elegant on the palate with a fine bubble texture, this sparkling wine is perfect for any occasion and oh so pretty.

Hosting a dinner party with friends? Impress with a bottle of Rococo Premium Rosé, accompanied by salmon or prawn canapes.

La Bohème Dry Pinot Noir Rosé

Ethereal, aromatic and sophisticated, our La Bohème Dry Pinot Noir Rosé has a textural and creamy palate, which is soft with good depth and fine flavour.

The La Bohème range is easy to pair with food...the Dry Pinot Noir Rosé goes perfectly with Leanne's Steamed Mussels recipe - don't forget the crusty bread!

Villages Heathcote Grenache Rosé

Our Villages Heathcote Grenache Rosé is from Victoria's Heathcote region, which produces super fine, pale and textural Rosé. Did you know Grenache is the predominant Rosé variety of Southern France?

This Rosé is textural, soft and fine with hints of morello cherry and an utterly delicious finish. It pairs well with cured salmon and all things sashimi.

Bella Riva Sangiovese Rosé

This easy-drinking Sangiovese Rosé is part of our Bella Riva range which celebrates all things Italian from our stunning King Valley Estate, known for Italian varietals. It has a creamy palate with soft acidity and gentle flavours of morello cherry.

A perfect match for traditional Italian feasting, try the Bella Riva Sangiovese Rosé with a antipasto platter or a bowl of homemade pasta with salmon, seasonal asparagus and peas. Bellissimo!

Vinoque Yarra Valley Nebbiolo Rosé

Our Vinoque range is all about interesting and delicious wine...and the Vinoque Nebbiolo Rosé is no exception! Enjoy a wild and earthy palate with gentle acidity and mouth watering flavours.

This pale and savoury Rosé goes well with seafood dishes such as Steve's famous BBQ prawns


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