The third generation of the De Bortoli family, the children of Deen and Emeri De Bortoli, are the custodians of De Bortoli Wines today.

Managing Director Darren De Bortoli also oversees the winemaking, alongside Leanne De Bortoli’s winemaker husband Steve Webber. Leanne and Steve manage the Yarra Valley Estate winery and vineyard while Kevin De Bortoli is Company Viticulturist and youngest son Victor De Bortoli is Export Director.

Every family member has pride in and a commitment to the business, alongside a passion for great wine and a sense of responsibility about leaving a legacy for future generations.


Vittorio and Giuseppina De Bortoli carried their dreams of a better life from the alpine foothills of Italy’s north to the fertile Riverina region in New South Wales. Through hard work, self-sufficiency, determination and vision they achieved their dream and established a lasting legacy.


Vittorio and Giuseppina’s children, Florrie, Deen and Eola all helped in De Bortoli Wines’ ongoing success but it was Deen who, through innovation, skill and a clear view of where the company – and Australian wine drinking – was going ensured a bright future for the business. Aided by his wife Emeri, Deen succeeded by embracing new technology without ever sacrificing quality or value.


The third generation of the De Bortoli family, the children of Deen and Emeri, are custodians of De Bortoli Wines today. All of the four children contribute to the business – Darren as Managing Director and Winemaker, Leanne and her winemaker husband Steve Webber managing the Yarra Valley Estate, Kevin as Company Viticulturist and Victor as Export Director – aware and conscious of leaving a legacy for the next generation.


As the first five of Deen and Emeri De Bortoli’s 13 grandchildren reach adulthood, a new and exciting chapter of the family story is starting. Fresh ideas, energy and enthusiasm mean that the future of De Bortoli Wines is looking brighter than ever.


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