Staff Roll Up Their Sleeves

It has been a flurry of activity for De Bortoli staff planting the seedlings recently gifted at our Biggest Morning Tree. Following an organisational initiative of planting 4,000 seeds to regenerate native bushland in the Riverina, staff were given a seedling to plant by a De Bortoli family member as their personal contribution to National Tree Day and a sustainable future. 

Approximately 300 seedlings were also distributed to staff in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland, which have then been planted in our office gardens and staff homes. It even became a family event for some including Kevin De Bortoli and his son, Deen. A range of seedlings were carefully selected with the benefit of the local environment in mind as each is endemic to their respective state. Each seedling has the potential to grow into large shrubs or small trees… and their growth is eagerly anticipated. 

Working towards a sustainable future is important to all of us at De Bortoli Wines and a goal we continuously strive towards. You can follow our journey and learn about our sustainability initiatives each week on our Facebook and Instagram by following @debortoliwines and #17trees.