The packaging labels used for 17 Trees is supplied by Multi-Color Corporation, a long standing supplier of premium label solutions for De Bortoli.  Multi-Color offers a suite of environmentally responsible papers that have a premium feel and superior performance.

Bagasse which is specifically used in the 17 Trees project is sustainably sourced and created from natural fibre-based pulp derived from sugar cane waste. This premium paper is a high white uncoated stock offering excellent opacity and an attractive texture.

Enviro Label is another Multi-Color offering made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste with outstanding environmental credentials, including FSC® Recycle Certified and made Carbon Neutral. 

Multi-Color is committed to ensuring sound environmental practices are a part of the daily process with active participation with key industry partners surrounding environmentally sustainable initiatives such as waste reduction, environmentally friendly materials, recyclability of materials and energy efficient production technologies. All facets of the business are measured to monitor resource usage, waste and emissions, and progress against continuous improvement targets. The environmental paper collection is another positive step in minimizing Multi-Color’s environmental impact.