Screw Cap Interpack

Interpack is about sustainable packaging solutions. Our facility in Melbourne is designed around two objectives; constant innovation in the sustainable space and product design. 

Alongside ongoing upgrades to our solar energy system, Interpack utilises solvent from our coatings for combustion energy to reduce gas consumption by up to 70% and has one of the lowest energy per unit cap in the market. Crowns and wine caps are produced at the highest benchmark speeds possible.

Healthy and lean is what we aim for in the make and weight of our closures. Ensuring our closures maintain high food safety standards such as staying BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC free is important and we constantly review new trends and developments so that we not only maintain but exceed environmental regulations and directives. Weight has a significant impact on sustainability and our efforts in continued research and development have set a track record of successfully downgauging our closures. This has been helped by using wall ironing theory and double reduced tinplate metal, allowing up to 20% reduction in resources used without compromising durability. The aluminium used in our closures are also more than 50% recycled and reduces the liner weights. The added benefit of PVC free materials not only allows for lower weight but being free of environmentally harmful chemicals. Our best example of this is our PVC free crowns which have a reduced liner weight by around 20-25% and have significantly better recyclability. Our aluminium caps are also lighter at 270mg from 400mg, thanks to the low weight compression moulding technique. In theory this would equate to 13 tonnes less plastic on 100mil aluminium caps. Our passion for more environmentally sustainable packaging and packaging practices pushes us to continue to research and develop new creative ideas for a better future world.