Recycling Program

In 2008, De Bortoli Wines started a recycling program across the business, which involved a full audit of waste within the winery. Ways of sorting waste into recyclable and non recyclable were introduced and partnerships formed with recycling facilities to reuse sorted waste.

Employees at De Bortoli are also encouraged to bring their recycling to work to create an amount that is sufficient for supply to recycling companies.The result has been an 80% drop in waste to landfill from approximately 150 tonnes in 2005 to less than 30 tonnes per annum in 2019.

In addition, a change of thinking, attitude and focus has been identified in contractors’ behaviour around recycling. Contractors have presented options for sustainable and environmental solutions to recover packaging previously disposed off to landfill. An example is the recent installation of the air conditioning system in the cask wine line, where all packaging was recycled through De Bortoli’s waste management system.