Potassium recovery (The De Bortoli Method)

Started in 2011, the De Bortoli Method is a circular approach to sustainability as it has taken a waste product and recycled it to be useful.

The De Bortoli Method aims to significantly reuse the chemicals used to clean winery tanks and machinery, while improving wastewater and soil quality at De Bortoli’s wastewater farm. It uses a form of electrolysis to recover potassium from spent winery wash-water to produce a potassium hydroxide (KOH) cleaning solution. As a result in 2016, De Bortoli wines was recognised by the Department of Environment and Heritage as a Platinum project holder, being the first company to be recognised for this achievement.

Currently De Bortoli is working to produce a commercial unit.

The ultimate goal is to be a ‘Zero Waste Winery’, which the business has been working towards over the past 15 years, through wise water management, energy efficiency and improved waste management.