Over the past few years we have changed our thinking and our approach to growing grapes and making wine. The change is being driven by both philosophical and pragmatic factors but mostly by our desire to leave a legacy for future generations, an idea with resonance for any family-owned company.

Climate change has brought with it an urgent imperative to adopt environmentally sustainable practices. Our future lies in looking after the health of our soils and plants and carefully managing our precious water resources.

De Bortoli Wines is seriously committed to this new approach. We’ve gone well beyond mandatory requirements, adopting a wide range of innovative programs and practices. Water management, an ongoing move to biological farming in an increasing number of our vineyards, and a careful overhaul of our packaging and waste management practices. The ultimate – and achievable – goal is to be 'The Zero Waste Wine Company'.

The changes we’ve made in the vineyard have not only brought environmental and sustainable benefits but have also resulted in healthier fruit that produces better quality wine which, in turn, leads to a healthier bottom line. It’s a classic win-win situation.


In the past few years our dedication has been recognised and rewarded.


RECENT NEWS: 27/09/2016

De Bortoli Wines has been award NSW's first Susatinability Advantage business to go Platinum Project certificate, in recognition of outstanding environmental leadership and commitment to innovation...Read full media release


A decade of dedication