Windy Peak Nouveau Shiraz 2009

Victoria - King Valley, Heathcote, Yarra Valley


Bright appearance with good red and purple rim


Complex, brooding, fresh berry,  spicey nose with hints of whole bunches and graphite

Soft, lightish but complex and mouth filling. Terrific length and drinkability

Vintage Conditions
The King Valley had a warm, long growing season, finishing quite late. Perhaps the best season in 10 years. Heathcote’s was hot and early, but some interesting flavours resulted. The Yarra had bushfires, drought and heat but we managed to make a small parcle of 100% whole bunch Syrah, that would normally go to Reserve that was a nice fit for this blend.


All fruit is hand picked. Because we are making a delicate detailed style, the best sections of the blocks are picked to try to avoid any variation within a vineyard and we certainly keep away from any gum tree perimeters. 
Fruit is whole bunch fermented with a mixture of foot treading and carbonic maceration (untouched bunches fermenting and extracting under their own steam).

Wine Analysis
Alc/Vol : 13.5 %   pH : 3.66   TA : 6.2 g/L

We use the word Nouveau to tell people that it is a fresh young red. Surprisingly though, I think this wine will age really well over 3 years.

Suggested Cuisine
Anything light and delicate. Duck, rabbit, 
pasta with white truffle 

General Characteristics

Dry  Light Bodied

Bloody Good
"What I particularly like about the Nouveau Shiraz is that it is perfectly suited to the Australian climate. It's the kind of wine we should be making - and do far too rarely. One of the things that I love about De Bortoli is its restless experimentation and innovation. Best of all this wine has been made in sizeable volumes, so its widely available. Chief winemaker in the Yarra Steve Webber mentioned that it was a blend of regions, largely Heathcote and King Valley, and that he pushed boundaries in order to get bright vibrant fruit characters.  In the heat of summer when you need a red, you could even quaff it with an ice block or two. It's inspired by the best wines from Beaujolais. I tasted it a year ago and loved its wild fragrances 'bright raspberry, mulberry and redcurrant flavours, juicy succulent maceration character and ripe gentle tannins.' I tasted it just before Quaff 2011 went to print and felt that it was as fresh and lively as ever and loved its juicy macerated black cherries and vibrant, quaffable character."

Peter Forrestal, Quaff 2011, September 2010

With the wines of Beaujolais serving as inspiration, the latest addition to the much-loved Windy Peak family is this bright and bouncy all-terrain red wine that has been deliberately designed for immediate consumption - with or without a chill, and with or without food. Using carbonic maceration - a process where grapes are fermented as whole berries prior to being crushed - it has a bright and explosive nose of sweet raspberry, blackberry and cherry-like fruit and a super-soft mouthfeel that makes it dangerously easy to drink.

Matt Skinner, 2011 Wine Guide, July 2010

89 Points and 5 Star Value
"Well, didn't this grab a lot of attention when it was released in 2009. It takes fresh, easy-drinking, young red wine into a new realm. Ideally consumed in spring - so check out the 2010 release around then (and see what we have to say about it on
Light in flavour, sure, but delicious quaffing. It's like drinking a rich rosé. It tastes of sweet strawberries, raspberries and spice, and while its light on the tongue it's ripe and soft. There you have it: soft and ripe and full of light, summery, berried fruit. You could easily chill this, and drink it all through summer. DRINK 2010"

Campbell Mattinson and Gary Walsh, The Big Red Wine Book 2010/11, May 2010

"A most interesting wine, with an early taste of spring, even though we are just into autumn. That's how I would describe this 2009 Windy Peak offering, namely the Vouveau Shiraz, released by De Bortoli Victoria. It features colours of purple and red fruits with a continuing association through to berry aromas an flavours ... and a versatile red it is too, in that it matches brilliantly with a variety of meats. This delightful Wine is available throughout the country"

John Crook, Southern Star - Springwood, April 2010

87 / 100
"An interesting new release from De Bortoli under the stewardship of Steve Webber. This is a friendly and delightfully appealing unoaked shiraz made soft and delicious with lots of lifted red fruit characters. Nice spicy and slightly peppery characters with great flavour length. Fun drink that could be served chilled"

Ray Jordan, West Australian, February 2010

"What's the Story? A bright bouncy Victorian red wine designed for immediate consumption - with or without a chill and with or without food. Tastes Super soft, fruity and dangerously easy to drink. Expect an explosive nose of sweet raspberries and cherries. Drink with Barbecued chilli chicken."

Matt Skinner, Australian Good Food, January 2010

4 stars

"This lightly summery red from De Bortoli's Yarra Valley operation is a sort of Beaujolais-meets-shiraz. Like that famous light French gamay red it has a fruity, plummy nose with an earthy touch, but some peppery notes betray its shiraz origins. The palate is juicy and fresh with little or no tannin extract, making it easy to glug down with abandon. It's perfect chilled in hot weather."


Ralph Kyte-Powell, The Age, January 2010

"This style of summer red is rare in Australia yet it fits the climate perfectly. Its lightness of touch and vibrant fruitiness is suggestive of a good Beaujolais. Sourced from an excellent vintage in the King Valley, a hot, early Heathcote harvest and a parcel preserved from the Yarra bushfires, it is wildly fragrant, has raspberry, mulberry and brambly flavours, a juicy macerated feel in the mid-palate and gentle fine tannins to finish. Delicious, straightforward and refreshing."

Peter Forrestal , Gourmet Traveller, December 2009

"The perfect thing to have on hand (buy a few bottles) for when your friends drop by for an impromptu Christmas or New Year barbecue, this bursts with spicy, sappy, juicy red berry fruit. Lively, fresh and gluggable."

, Australian Gourmet Traveller, December 2009

"Using the same terminology as the French do with beaujolais nouveau, but using King Valley, Heathcote and Yarra shiraz fruit, this is a fresh young thing as a result of its winemaking, including whole-bunch fermentation, gentle foot-treading and a technique known as carbonic maceration which essentially allows grape bunches to ferment under their own steam rather than be crushed first. A light-bodied, dry, crisp berry style with a little smokiness and spice adding interest. Chill it down."

Tony Love's, Herald Sun, December 2009

"The price belies the quality and delightfulness of this wine. It's light-bodied and spicy, with hints of pepper and loads of juicy red fruit flavours, but a savoury element keeps all that in check. A perfect summer red served at room temperature or chilled."

Jane Faulkner, Sydney Morning Herald, December 2009

"A much lighter style of shiraz with no oak, just ripe, fresh fruit. In summer, serve it chilled like the French do Beaujolais."

, Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, November 2009

91 points
"Peppery, plummy, faintly meaty carbonic maceration aromas here, with evidence of stems. It's savoury, dry and has some tannin but with food it's fruit-sweet, soft and flavoursome, with real character and difference. An innovative style of light red that is very food-friendly. A real discovery."

Huon Hooke, Sydney Morning Herald, November 2009

"The latest red addition to the Windy Peak family is a bright and bouncy all-terrain wine designed for immediate consumption. Expect smells of sweet raspberry, blackberry and plum, while in your mouth it's super-soft and extremely glug-able."

Matt Skinner, The Sun Herald, October 2009

"Oooh, now this is delicious! I love Beaujolais as a style - light, fresh and fruity yet still dry and slightly savoury but soft and rounded in the mouth too - and this is right up that alley. Not a whisper of oak to be seen, but plenty of vibrant, youthful, ripe fruit characters to the fore, all plump and juicy with an edge if spice. Sounds like it might be a tad simple, but it's not. The little edge of complexity on both the nose and palate belies the price point and its sheer drink-ability makes this an exciting (if not dangerous!) drink for summer. Another triumph of innovation from Steve Webber and the team at De Bortoli... more please!

Jon Helmer, Bellarine Times, October 2009

"Windy Peak is the crowd-pleaser of the pair, thanks to a big, lush barrage of red fruits. Lurking behind the plushness are layers of more substantial fruit, twists and turns, and a sort of brooding, dark core that gives the wine real depth."

Tony Harper, Brisbane News, October 2009

"...What I particularly like about the Nouveau Shiraz is that it is perfectly suited to the Australian climate. It's the kind of wine we should be making - and do far too rarely. No surprise then that it comes from De Bortoli, winner of Quaff's Winery of the Year. Their performance in Quaff has been extraordinary. One of the things that I love about De Bortoli is their restless experimentation and innovation. Best of all this wine has been made in sizeable volumes - so it should be widely available. ...The 2009 De Bortoli Nouveau Shiraz is wildly fragrant, has bright raspberry, mulberry and redcurrant flavours, a juicy succulent maceration character and ripe gentle tannins."

Peter Forrestal,, October 2009

91 points
"This is an amazing wine for the money. Super fragrant sweet floral notes, plenty of sweet spice, an immensely juicy palate, really tangy ripe strawberry and cherry fruit flavours and a lingering smooth fine tannin glide. Could even be chilled."

Nick Stock, WINE 100, September 2009

"A new hybrid style wine developed over two years by De Bortoli's Yarra Valley winemaker Steve Webber. It's a blend of King Valley, Heathcote and Yarra Valley fruit, light and breezy with bright berry and plum fruit flavours, underlying peppery characters, no oak influence and a crisp, clean finish. Drink it chilled with antipasto."

Kerry Skinner, Illawarra Mercury, September 2009

"Having worked closely with the growers in the vineyards to ensure balanced fruit and controlled yields has reaped rewards here. Nina believes there's no 'recipe' as such to making wine, rather it's more about using her intuition, that female 'sixth sense', to know when to harvest, through to the fermentation
process, maturation and blending. She's definitely on track here - beautifully pristine, fresh, fruit characters showing zest and vibrancy all in the right measure with balanced acidity and length on the finish rounding off a lovely textural, complex wine."

Jon Helmer, Bellarine Times, September 2009

86 points
"I tasted this new De Bortoli Nouveau Shiraz a few weeks ago and thought I’d let it go through to the keeper. I loved the idea of it - it’s a light, ‘Spring’, easy-drinking red with fruit to the fore - it’s a red with all the wank argued out of it. And you gotta love that. It’s a drinking red rather than a talking red. It’s made (I believe) using various carbonic maceration techniques, and for a red of this price and design I’m all for that. Time to get off our high horses and give casual drinkers what they both want, and need."

Campbell Mattinson,, September 2009

"What a delight to try this style of wine on the first day of spring. Beautifully made, drawing off shiraz from the King Valley, Heathcote and the Yarra Valley. Purple and ruby in colour, the nose is lush and fruity, with raspberry and blackberry aromas with a touch of all-spice."

David Sutherland, Border Mail, September 2009

"The latest addition to De Bortoli's deservedly popular Windy Peak range is the best Australian light red I have sampled - and thoroughly enjoyed - in at least 10 years. It's been made a la Beaujolais and features fresh, youthful berry and plum aromas, a juicy, fruity palate with no oak dimension and only a little mild tannin. Dangerously drinkable, ideally suited to spring and summer meals and huge value."

Paddy Kendler, The Herald Sun, August 2009

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