“There is a fantastic open and supportive community of young producers out here in the Yarra Valley which I love being a part of.”

Andrew Bretherton has his commerce degree to thank for becoming a winemaker. That and a love of “sexy French wine and stinky cheese”. He’d completed the degree in Western Australia and moved to London where he discovered that his love of wine and cheese was equal to his love of music and more than his love for commerce. He returned to Australia, enrolled in a post-graduate Oenology degree from University of Adelaide and shortly after was working with a large wine producer in Mosel in Germany.

Andrew moved back to Australia (some say as much for his beloved Fremantle football club as anything else) and, in 2008, started working for De Bortoli as a vintage cellar hand. He became a white winemaker two years later and then, after falling in love with Italian varieties while working vintage in the Chianti Classico region in Tuscany, started working with the Yarra Valley Estate’s production of Sangiovese, Vermentino and Pinot Blanc.

Andrew says that if he had a motto in life it would be: Eat well, drink well, travel well. He probably should include music in there as well because “going to gigs and singing badly in the shower” are up there with cooking as his favourite things. He admits that it’s probably not a coincidence that all his favourite things “seem to go especially well with drinking wine”. A commerce degree, it seems, can lead you to some unexpected places...

A tip from Andrew

"I love to drink crisp, savoury, mouth-watering white wine when I cook, something like a Pinot Blanc. It acts sort of like an aperitif, and prepares you for a feast."

Did you know?

As well as doing vintage in Tuscany, Andrew also worked in Burgundy at Dominique Lafon in Mersault, which helped cement his love of Chardonnay.