Victor De Bortoli

Executive Director

Unlike his older siblings, Victor De Bortoli was less certain that he should join the family wine company. While he helped out from an early age he was still unsure where his future lay after completing his secondary education in 1987.

"I have some great memories, but life as a youngster in a family winery can be hard work. When I was 12 and Darren was having his first crack at Noble One, the old man grabbed us all to spend a day in the vineyard hand-picking those rotten grapes, whilst my mates were out having fun," Victor recalls. So he took a break and enrolled at the Australian National University, where he studied Commerce attaining his degree in 1993.

After graduating from university, Victor spent a period involved in a non-wine related family venture then moved to Canberra to work for De Bortoli Wines, becoming Area Sales Manager. Following this grounding in sales, Victor relocated to London in 1996 to establish the family’s first off-shore branch, De Bortoli Wines (UK) Ltd.

"This was an exciting time for me but I must admit there were many distractions. I think the old man finally had a gutful so he brought me back home in late 1997. It was probably at this time when I was back in the winery that my understanding of the industry grew at an exponential rate to the point where I was able to take over the total export operations in 2001."

Based in Bilbul, Victor enjoys the challenges of developing and expanding De Bortoli's international business. 'I find the ongoing evolution of the international business fascinating and there is never a dull moment. 

Victor who is a recipient of NSW Young Exporter of the Year award in 2001 and member of the Australian Industry Group's Trade Development Committee has an integral role at De Bortoli and his wide ranging experiences over the years have prepared him well for his present role.