Darren De Bortoli

Managing Director

Darren De Bortoli is a third generation winemaker and at just age 33 was appointed Managing Director of De Bortoli Wines. Two decades later he is the longest serving Managing Director amongst Australia’s Top 10 wine companies.

Darren studied at Roseworthy, graduating in 1982 with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Oenology. He returned to the family winery and created a revolution in sweet wine whilst still in his early 20s with Noble One. The popular wisdom at the time was that a wine of this style and calibre could not be made in Australia.

The success of Noble One demonstrated to Darren's parents the potential of making premium wine and he guided the family purchase of the Yarra Valley estate in 1987 and later forays into the King Valley in north eastern Victoria and the Hunter Valley in New South Wales.

Darren remains actively involved with winemaking, working closely with his team of winemakers. In a business where growth and change are constant, he has been an anchor of stability. Taking a patient, long term view on industry trends Darren embodies a strong wine growing culture and the family belief that they are guardians and managers for the next generation. At the site of the company's largest winery and vineyards in the Riverina, he has implemented a raft of environmental initiatives. 

“An advantage in being a private wine company is our role as custodians to the industry. Family companies tend to have a mindset formed by the passage of time and family folklore. We can give a unique customer offering in that we represent core values of several generations of family stewardship giving a direct link to the past through oral and written histories. As a family wine company we also look to the future, taking a long term view and we are determined to pass on a sustainable business to the next generation.” 

Darren is involved with many winemaking organisations including the New South Wales Winemakers' Association, the Riverina Winemakers' Association, the Winemakers' Federation of Australia and Australia's First Families of Wine. He also serves on the Wine Industry Research & Development Consultative Committee to the NSW Minister for Primary Industry.